November 4

Day three of Nanowrimo

It is nearing the end of day 3 of National Novel Writing Month, and I finally got myself caught up on my word count.  The first day of this year’s race to a novel was a Saturday, and I was suffering an acute case of I stayed up too late on Friday night-itis.  That being said, my word count on Day 1 was a bit less than I would’ve liked.  Day 2 didn’t go much better, but I think that was because I decided to wallow in self doubt rather than just clicking on letter keys until I achieved my word quota.

Apparently Day 3 was the charm, because I am back on track with a little wiggle room to boot.  My story has already gone off on a tangent I didn’t see coming, and it appears that I will be killing someone off fairly soon.  After stepping in dog poop today on the way to Sarg’s to buy my first Chocolate YooHoo ever, I might make the first to perish an inconsiderate dog owner.  I figure I can work that in there somewhere.

On the blog front, I just installed a butt-load of plug-ins, and although I really don’t know what that means, I did it, so I guess that’s good.  Right?

Good things are coming right around the corner…

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