May 2

Fleeting brilliance

Inspiration generation

I was greatly inspired yesterday as I ran to the tanning salon to see what they charge for a spray tan.  First of all, I was inspired not to get a spray tan after getting the answer to my question.  (Too much!)  Secondly, I was listening to This American Life which is often inspiring in itself.  Yesterday, I was listening to their rebroadcast of the BBC documentary on William Burroughs that was narrated by Iggy Pop.

I am woefully unread for someone who calls herself a writer.  It’s my problem, and I am working on it.  The first step is admitting you have a problem.  In spite of my general ignorance on the subject of William Burroughs, I found the documentary to be extremely entertaining and inspiring.  I was inspired to read all the great stuff I need to read like Burroughs, Ginsberg, Shakespeare (I wasn’t kidding about the “woefully unread” comment.  How I made it through college with a Teaching English degree is a bit of a mystery).  I was also inspired to come home and write this great new blog post on my takeaway from the documentary.  I didn’t do that though.  I waited and allowed the other nine million things that need done in a day to get in the way of sitting down and writing.  I kept thinking, “Oh, I need to get that down!” but then I would assure myself that it was such a great idea that it would keep.

I was wrong

I got up this morning only to discover that I was wrong in one of two ways (or maybe both).  I could hardly remember what it was that I found so inspiring that I just had to write about it.  The documentary, I recalled, was awesome, but my super special spin on it somehow didn’t seem so super special anymore.  Perhaps it never was.  It was with some considerable effort that I could even recall any of my clever details and insights that yesterday seemed so groundbreaking.

My takeaway

Write it down right away.  If I am lucky enough to feel so inspired in any  moment, I shouldn’t let it get away.  If it’s not important enough to deal with it in the moment, then don’t bother.  It probably never was.  I guess the story of how the documentary made me recall the time my English professor took me to his office and gave me a copy of Jack Kerouac’s, On The Road, will have to wait for another burst of inspiration.


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