August 21

I am feeling inspired

Nothing like finding an easy salsa recipe on Pinterest to get a girl feeling like she can do anything.  Actually, I think it’s more the relief of knowing what to do with my overabundance of sweet corn and tomatoes that is instilling an overwhelming feeling of well being.  It doesn’t hurt that I have successfully canned enough that the thought of whipping up a batch of this or that to can no longer seems like a daunting task.  In fact , I find it hard to believe that I spent so many years fearing the canner as if it were some insurmountable peak that I would die on before reaching its summit.

Now I turn to my canner to use up the season’s produce while also feeling that I am doing my part to stock my basement in case of the zombie apocalypse.  When that happens, we’ll make it at least a week surviving on jars of regular salsa, canned tomatoes, corn salsa and apple butter before we have to resort to eating the cat food and then ultimately the cat.  (Which as evidenced in the picture, wouldn’t feed many).

There are still plenty of things around here that are seeming much less inspiring, i.e. mopping floors and entry bookwork, but for now I will ride my high that comes from knowing that I don’t have to eat another ear of sweet corn for the time being.

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