September 23

Living off the grid

So as my head is swimming from trying to clean out my email inbox which has now reached 5 pages, I sit at my computer and think of all the really good reasons to live off the grid.  First of all, there would be no nights spent trying to clean out my email inbox.  In fact, there would be no mail at all.  If there was no mail, then there would be no bills, right?  This is all sounding pretty darn appealing, but there are, of course, drawbacks as well.

I like to camp, but I am not exactly Grizzly Adams.  I am fond of electricity.  In fact, I am so fond of electricity that just as I was about to begin this post, the lights flickered as though they might go out, which caused an involuntary and instantaneous pang of dread.  I am not particularly crazy about venison, which I am guessing would have to be on my list of things “Off the Grid Me” eats on a fairly regular basis.  Oh, and then there’s the whole actually having a few people in my life I would miss if I just up and vanished into the wilderness.

Yes, the thought of dialing back time by running away to a place without wires does sing its siren song from time to time, but until I hone better skills than the Naked & Afraid contestants, I should probably just stay put, and do a better job about cleaning out my inbox more often.

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