July 31

My head feels like Jello

There’s nothing like technology to make a 40-year-old feel their age and then some.  With all of the “easy” website building technology out there, one is led to believe that it truly should be “easy.”  This, however, is not the case.  Instead, the word “easy” is and easy way to make people like me feel incredibly stupid.  I don’t think any of this is easy.  I am sure it would be easier if it wasn’t like I was trying to assemble a vacuum cleaner using the Chinese instruction manual.  In case you’re wondering, I do not speak Chinese.

Words like Plugin and Responsive make me think of an outlet or someone who is a good listener respectively.  I am nearly certain that neither or these is correct when it comes to designing a web page (or is it a Blog page?  I don’t even know that!).  I am thinking I need to take a class, because that’s how old people like me learn things, but it galls me that I can’t just figure this out.  I am pretty sure that my 5-year-old would have no problem doing so.

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