August 16

The Aviator’s Wife

The latest book I have become completely immersed in is, The Aviator’s Wife, by Melanie Benjamin.  I first discovered this book when an excerpt of it was featured in, Good Housekeeping.  After reading the excerpt I knew I had to read the whole book.  It is fantastic!  I am halfway through, and I keep finding new and inventive ways to carve out time to get a couple more pages read.  I know by the end of the weekend I will have finished it.  At that point I will be looking for the next great thing, so I welcome suggestions.

I am not sure exactly what genre Benjamin’s book would be considered.  Biography?  Typically I have tended more towards straight fiction, so this is a new and exciting venture for me.  It is thrilling to discover names I recognize within the book’s pages, i.e. Schwarzkopf, J. Edgar Hoover.  I also take a special interest since I, like Charles Lindbergh, am a Minnesota native, and on a family vacation when I was about 8 we actually toured Lindbergh’s childhood home in Little Falls, MN.

Benjamin’s writing is glorious.  The picture she paints with her words is so beautiful in its clarity that I have to remind myself of where I actually am when I put the book down.  For anyone looking for a great read.  I highly and enthusiastically  recommend this one.

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