November 10

The pros and cons of being a stay-at-home mom

With a title like that, this post could be a lot more comprehensive than it is going to be.  There are innumerable pros to being a full time mom, and conversely there are plenty of cons as well, but really today I am only thinking of one.

I sit here at the computer trying to reach my Nanowrimo word quota, and my almost 4-year-old is just out of arm’s reach playing Barbies.  We’ve all ready talked about how she just needs to pretend that I am not here, because Mommy can’t be talking and writing at the same time.  She does pretty well, and entertains herself most of the time, but occasionally she does have questions or comments that , of course, need my immediate attention.  Sometimes when she does this I am on a roll and her interruption throws me off my game, but then I have to step back and be patient, because just as many times as not she’ll walk over to my chair and hug my arm or kiss my hand and say, “I love you Mom.”   She will then go back to play, and I will sit for a moment marveling at how I just so happen to be the luckiest mom in the world.

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