September 18

The spirit is willing…well you know the rest

I admit it’s been a few days (or has it already been weeks?) since I last put anything on here.  “Consistency – Not my strong suit” was the actual title of a post I wrote on my original blog page that for issues having to do with my host going MIA and my lack of forward progress with the whole thing is no more, but the title of that post remains true.

I could beat myself up all day for that, and to be honest, some days I do, but when you’re juggling the mom, wife, writer, bookkeeper, beer drinker, Sunday school teacher, sister, and Brophy’s Bed and Breakfast operator roles, there inevitably are going to be days when something falls by the wayside.

Lamenting about my inability to be superwoman, however, is not why I am here today.  I am here with a renewed sense of purpose.  I knew that I had to do SOMETHING on here today, and if that was write a post, or read a couple pages in my WordPress Revealed book, then great!  It’s more than I have done in the past days or weeks.  Herein, however, lies the rub.  So, I log onto my site and begin reading about new and improved updates, site functionality, and all that fun stuff.  I am getting inspired.  I am finding that I am raring to go.  There is just one small problem.  I have a wicked head cold, and I can feel myself gazing sightlessly at the screen without an iota of comprehension.

It’s ironic, because when I am feeling more up to the task, I find myself getting anxious with thoughts that I am too damn old to learn what all this stuff means.  Today it’s like the mucus in my head is crowding out any thoughts of self-doubt.  Hooray?  So, I am not crippled by anxiety caused by my imagined inability to learn, I just am literally unable to think because of this crushing head cold.  Not fair!

Regardless, I am excited.  I keep finding new tidbits, and the ones I have found before seem increasingly relevant.  That is not just on here in cyberspace, but in life in general.  It’s like when you’re putting together a two hundred million bajillion piece puzzle and you finally get to the point where it’s starting to look like there might be a picture amongst the jumble after all.  So, head cold or no, I will keep plugging away, because something really great is materializing on the horizon, and I am excited to see clearly what it is.

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