January 7

A snow day with no snow

A clear day
Snow day? Where’s the snow?

I received a phone call this morning at 6:01 a.m. from the school’s automated message system.  The recorded voice informed me that there would be no school today.  There was no explanation given as to why, nor could I ask the recorded voice any questions.  Consequently, I sit looking out my window at the clear view of the blocks in the retaining wall across my street and wonder why school was cancelled.

At the risk of sounding like an old-timer… back in my day if school was going to be cancelled it had to be blizzarding so bad that you couldn’t see past the end of the nose on your face.  Apparently, things have changed.

So, now instead of one little person to contend with for the day, I have two.  That’s okay with me.  I am actually excited to get to spend a little more time with my kindergarten kid.  Not to mention, I don’t feel bad at all about missing an opportunity to venture out into the cold to do battle with the other parents at pickup time.

Because it’s a “snow day”, however, special protocol will have to come into play.  When I was young, a snow day meant that my sister and I busted out the Nerf ping pong game and played all day on the dining room table while the winds howled on the other side of the glass sliders.  I always remember that on these days my Mom had a pot of bean and ham soup brewing on the stove, and its smell filled the house with goodness.  I have a chicken in the fridge, so it will have to be chicken and dumpling rather than bean and ham, but DAMMIT!  soup will be made!!!!

The above is an example of me playing with my newly acquainted WordPress features.  Anyway, I digress, a snow day needs to look like something different than every other day of the week.  It needs to be special and memorable, and I am pretty sure that we’re going to have to bust out the PlayDo.

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