November 24

Looking for my niche

So I continue to read, WordPress Revealed, by Matt Wolfe, to teach myself how to set up and be a blogger in spite of the fact that I still don’t really know what that means for me.

I do know that I want to get paid to write.  I do know that I want to telecommute, so that I can work from anywhere.  I do know that I wish I would have gone to Iowa with a double major in Creative Writing and Journalism with a minor in some sort of marketing.  These are things I know.

So, I find myself facing the unknown and learning everyday.  It is true, at least for me, that learning new things as you grow older is a bit daunting.  There appears to be some truth in the “old dog/new tricks” thing, but at the same time, I am enjoying the challenge of the unknown.  It used to be my way to just default to doing what I knew came easy to me.  This worked out pretty well for a while, but now I need more.  The satisfaction that comes from achieving something I never  conceived possible has trumped the easy way out.

Some might say I am in the throes of a mid-life crisis, but I don’t feel like I am in crisis.  I like to think of this as a “mid-life re-imagining.”  It has a nice right to it, right?

Either way, I am looking forward to reaching the summit of this mountain that I am climbing.  I am savoring each step, but I can’t wait to see the view from there.

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